Black Desk Chairs

Our black desk chair range includes robust swivel chairs with over 100+ kg weight capacity, standard chairs with no wheels that are perfectly suited to carpeted spaces, black swivel desk chairs and beautiful black mesh desk chairs that make working in warmer environments an absolute pleasure. Our black chairs come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs.

We offer the best prices in the UK - guaranteed, and all of our black chairs are offered with a 2 - 5 year warranty depending on the model. Our desk chairs have adjustable arms, adjustable height, lumbar back support and 360-degree ‘swivel’ function and offer the highest standards in upholstery.

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  1. Louy Fabric Chair Front
    Louy Fabric Office Chair
    was £93.60 £78.00
  2. Ed Fabric Back Desk Chair
    Ed Fabric Back Desk Chair
    was £102.00 £85.00
  3. OM Meeting Chair
    OM Chair
    was £108.00 £90.00
  4. Louy Vinyl Office Chair Front View
    Louy Vinyl office chair
    was £112.32 £93.60
  5. Integra Executive Desk Chair Front View
    Integra Executive Desk Chair
    was £120.00 £100.00
  6. Denver Ergonomic Office Chair
    Denver Executive Office Chair
    was £120.00 £100.00
  7. Maho Black Fabric Chair
    Maho Black Fabric Chair
    was £132.00 £110.00
  8. Ed Vinyl Desk Chair Front View
    Ed Vinyl Desk Chair
    was £138.00 £115.00
  9. Akari Office Chair
    Akari office chair
    was £162.00 £135.00
  10. Rutendo Executive Chair Front View
    Mangata Executive Chair
    was £166.80 £139.00
  11. Rutendo Executive Chair Front View
    Rutendo Executive Desk Chair
    was £180.00 £150.00
  12. Flash Ergonomic Desk Chair Front View
    Flash Ergonomic Desk Chair
    was £186.00 £155.00
  13. Posture Proof Mesh
    Posture Proof Mesh Office Chair
    was £190.80 £159.00
  14. Flash Fabric Back Ergonomic Chair Front View
    Flash Fabric Back Ergonomic Chair
    was £194.40 £162.00
  15. Andi Ergonomic Desk Chair Black Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (Black Frame)
    was £198.00 £165.00
  16. Ergo Move Fabric Office Chair Front View
    ErgoMove Fabric Office Chair
    was £207.60 £173.00
  17. Billie Ergonomic Chair White Frame
    ErgoMove Vinyl Office Chair
    was £210.00 £175.00
  18. Tylda Desk Chair Front View
    Tylda Desk Chair
    was £229.20 £191.00
  19. Delta Mesh Back Chair
    Delta Mesh Back Chair
    was £236.40 £197.00
  20. Posture proof 2 desk chair
    Posture Proof 2 Mesh Office Chair
    was £238.80 £199.00
  21. Klarin Ergonomic Office Chair BLack Frame Front View
    Klaran Office Chair (Black Frame)
    was £260.40 £217.00
  22. Sylva ergonomic office chair black front view
    Sylva Ergonomic Office Chair (Black Frame)
    was £284.40 £237.00
  23. Idaho Executive Desk Chair
    Idaho Executive Desk Chair
    was £286.56 £238.80
  24. Billie Ergonomic Chair Black Frame
    Billie Ergonomic Chair (Black Frame)
    was £289.20 £241.00

Items 1-24 of 26

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UK's Best & Most Affordable Office Desks

Desks in an office with chairs & accessoriesDesks in an office with chairs & accessories

Office furniture has become a hot topic in the world of work. No longer is it acceptable to sit or be expected to sit on a hard or uncomfortable chair for long hours at your desk. With advances in ergonomic furniture and widespread awareness of the need for lumbar support and ergonomic features such as height adjustability and seat pad adjustments, most work environments throughout the UK are investing in supportive seating for those who work for them.

Long gone is the old-fashioned practice that ‘the boss’ got the best looking, plush leather, double-padded chair in the corner office. Such an elitist approach is thankfully a thing of the past, and the importance of lumbar support, comfortable padding and ergonomic design, well documented by multiple studies, has been fully embraced by most if not all companies in the UK.

The visual impact of the black desk chair is hard to beat - black creates an air of professionalism and remains the go-to color for desk chairs. It isn’t cutting edge in the way that bold and neon colours are, but it exudes an elegant sophistication and complements almost any décor.

Why Buy an Ergonomically Designed Chair?

These types of chairs are quickly becoming the standard issue in offices, rather than the exception and with just cause. Ergonomic chairs help ease lower back pain, provide support to the user’s spine, keep joints in a comfortable and natural neutral position, and go some way to reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders which can be so painful for the back and neck.

Can a desk chair cause back pain?

Absolutely! In fact, most lower back pain issues that are not sports or accident-related can be traced at least in part, to bad posture caused by long hours spent seated in the same and incorrect position behind a desk at work. This means that the onus is on you as the employer to ensure the most comfortable and safe working environment possible for your team.


The outstanding range of office furniture from UX Office furniture, will not disappoint. All our furniture is expertly designed to comply with exacting standards of quality and design. From chairs that support a weight of over 100kgs to chairs with no wheels, which are perfect for carpeted spaces, from black swivel desk chairs to black mesh chairs which make working in warmer environments an absolute pleasure, to a broad-ranging variety of desk chairs in a range of sizes and designs, you will find your perfect chair. UX Office furniture is widely and justifiably regarded as being the best in the industry.

Ensuring a safe, healthy, and productive workspace is easily done when you incorporate UX Office furniture into your office space. We all work better when our backs are supported and our workspace is designed to suit our individual needs. Work well and safely with the superior ergonomic office furniture that is the hallmark of UX Office furniture.