Home Office Chairs

Here at UX Office, you’ll find a stunning range of home office chairs in an impressive array of sizes, materials, finishes and colours. Your home office will ideally complement your home décor and with our exciting palette of colours and finishes, you are sure to find the one that works for you and your home.

Free delivery, an industry-leading warranty, an assembly service if required, stylish designs and guaranteed durability mean that UX Office is the supplier of home office chairs that you can trust. Call our sales customer service team today for help and guidance on choosing the perfect home office chair for you.

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  1. Louy Fabric Chair Front
    Louy Fabric Office Chair
    was £93.60 £78.00
  2. Ed Fabric Back Desk Chair
    Ed Fabric Back Desk Chair
    was £102.00 £85.00
  3. OM Meeting Chair
    OM Chair
    was £108.00 £90.00
  4. Louy Vinyl Office Chair Front View
    Louy Vinyl office chair
    was £112.32 £93.60
  5. Denver Ergonomic Office Chair
    Denver Executive Office Chair
    was £120.00 £100.00
  6. Integra Executive Desk Chair Front View
    Integra Executive Desk Chair
    was £120.00 £100.00
  7. Ed Vinyl Desk Chair Front View
    Ed Vinyl Desk Chair
    was £138.00 £115.00
  8. Ed Mesh Back Desk Chair
    Ed Mesh Back Desk Chair
    was £145.20 £121.00
  9. Akari Office Chair
    Akari office chair
    was £162.00 £135.00
  10. Save 13%
    Andi White Frame Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (White Frame)
    was £162.00 £135.00 £186.00
  11. Flash Ergonomic Desk Chair Front View
    Flash Ergonomic Desk Chair
    was £186.00 £155.00
  12. Posture Proof Mesh
    Posture Proof Mesh Office Chair
    was £190.80 £159.00
  13. Andi Ergonomic Desk Chair Black Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (Black Frame)
    was £198.00 £165.00
  14. Ergo Move Fabric Office Chair Front View
    ErgoMove Fabric Office Chair
    was £207.60 £173.00
  15. Tylda Desk Chair Front View
    Tylda Desk Chair
    was £229.20 £191.00
  16. Delta Mesh Back Chair
    Delta Mesh Back Chair
    was £236.40 £197.00
  17. Ergo Rise Ergonomic Chair Black Front View
    Ergo Rise
    was £253.20 £211.00
  18. Sylva ergonomic office chair black front view
    Sylva Ergonomic Office Chair (Black Frame)
    was £284.40 £237.00
  19. Idaho Executive Desk Chair
    Idaho Executive Desk Chair
    was £286.56 £238.80
  20. Billie Ergonomic Chair Black Frame
    Billie Ergonomic Chair (Black Frame)
    was £289.20 £241.00
  21. Billie Ergonomic Chair White Frame Front View
    Billie Ergonomic Chair (White Frame)
    was £289.20 £241.00
  22. Billie Ergonomic Chair Grey Frame Front View
    Billie Ergonomic Chair (Grey Frame)
    was £289.20 £241.00
  23. Alavara Ergonomic Chair White Frame Front View
    Alvara Ergonomic Chair (White)
    was £289.20 £241.00
  24. Sylva ergonomic office chair white frame front view
    Sylva Ergonomic Chair (White Frame)
    was £320.40 £267.00

Items 1-24 of 25

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UK's Best & Most Home Office Chairs

Desks in an office with chairs & accessoriesDesks in an office with chairs & accessories

The Home Office is now a reality for thousands of office employees. Its benefits are obvious - goodbye to long commutes and navigating rush hour traffic but recreating an ergonomic office environment may be a little trickier. Separating your home life and living spaces from your working life can be challenging– but it’s important for both productivity and personal time that you do so. When establishing your home office, it’s essential that you find an ergonomic home office chair which suits your needs, allows you to work comfortably and visually separates your workspace from your home space.

At UX Office all our home office chairs are ergonomic - designed to work harmoniously with your body, to support your frame during long periods of sitting and to prevent back aches, neck pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Our home office chairs are designed to last using top quality materials and finishes. Choose from:

Mesh back chairs: for increased breathability and all-day-long freshness and comfort
Fabric back chairs: for supportive comfort as you work

Leather chairs: for a sleek, modern look
Padded seats: for guaranteed comfort and to reduce pressure on the pelvic area
Seat Height Adjustability: to ensure that your chair works with your height
Seat Depth Adjustability: to encourage better posture and lower back support
Inbuilt lumbar support: to support the lumbar area of the back and prevent lower back stiffness and pain
Adjustable arm rests: to support the wrists and arms and thereby reduce pressure on the neck and shoulders
Adjustable headrest: to offer relief and support to tired, stiff neck muscles
Tilt function: to offer continual back support no matter what your position
5-star base: for correct balancing of body weight and ease of movement.

We are the industry experts in Home Office Chairs, and we are here to help you choose the home office chair that works best for your body and your home.