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A great desk chair is undoubtedly one of the most important items you can have in your office. Our well-designed, ergonomic desk chairs will dramatically improve your posture, preventing the aches and pains that unfortunately can come with years of bad posture. As a result, you will be more comfortable and productive at work.

At UX Office, we have an extensive range of ergonomic desk chairs, perfect for everything from a home office to an entire workforce at the best market prices. We offer special discounts, free delivery and assembly/installation services for large orders. Explore our range or contact our advisors today for more information.

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  1. Louy Fabric Chair Front
    Louy Fabric Office Chair
    was £97.50 £78.00
  2. Ed Fabric Back Desk Chair
    Ed Fabric Back Desk Chair
    was £106.25 £85.00
  3. OM Meeting Chair
    OM Chair
    was £112.50 £90.00
  4. Louy Vinyl Office Chair Front View
    Louy Vinyl office chair
    was £117.00 £93.60
  5. Integra Executive Desk Chair Front View
    Integra Executive Desk Chair
    was £125.00 £100.00
  6. Denver Ergonomic Office Chair
    Denver Executive Office Chair
    was £125.00 £100.00
  7. Maho Black Fabric Chair
    Maho Black Fabric Chair
    was £137.50 £110.00
  8. Ed Vinyl Desk Chair Front View
    Ed Vinyl Desk Chair
    was £143.75 £115.00
  9. Ed Mesh Back Desk Chair
    Ed Mesh Back Desk Chair
    was £151.25 £121.00
  10. Save 13%
    Andi White Frame Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (White Frame)
    was £168.75 £135.00 £193.75
  11. Akari Office Chair
    Akari office chair
    was £168.75 £135.00
  12. Rutendo Executive Chair Front View
    Mangata Executive Chair
    was £173.75 £139.00
  13. Rutendo Executive Chair Front View
    Rutendo Executive Desk Chair
    was £187.50 £150.00
  14. Flash Ergonomic Desk Chair Front View
    Flash Ergonomic Desk Chair
    was £193.75 £155.00
  15. Posture Proof Mesh
    Posture Proof Mesh Office Chair
    was £198.75 £159.00
  16. Flash Fabric Back Ergonomic Chair Front View
    Flash Fabric Back Ergonomic Chair
    was £202.50 £162.00
  17. Andi Ergonomic Desk Chair Black Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (Black Frame)
    was £206.25 £165.00
  18. Ergo Move Fabric Office Chair Front View
    ErgoMove Fabric Office Chair
    was £216.25 £173.00
  19. Billie Ergonomic Chair White Frame
    ErgoMove Vinyl Office Chair
    was £218.75 £175.00
  20. Delta Mesh Back Chair
    Delta Mesh Back Chair
    was £246.25 £197.00
  21. Posture proof 2 desk chair
    Posture Proof 2 Mesh Office Chair
    was £248.75 £199.00
  22. Klarin Ergonomic Office Chair BLack Frame Front View
    Klaran Office Chair (Black Frame)
    was £271.25 £217.00
  23. Sylva ergonomic office chair black front view
    Sylva Ergonomic Office Chair (Black Frame)
    was £296.25 £237.00
  24. Idaho Executive Desk Chair
    Idaho Executive Desk Chair
    was £298.50 £238.80

Items 1-24 of 33

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UK's Best & Most Affordable Office Desk Chairs

Desks in an office with chairs & accessoriesDesks in an office with chairs & accessories

What Makes a Great Desk Chair?

The humble office desk chair has come a long way. Not only should they look great, but they should be designed with your health in mind. A poorly designed chair can cause back and neck pain and reduce your productivity.

UX Office’s range of chairs is perfect for any style of office decor. Whether you’re looking for black desk chairs, white desk chairs or colours to complement or reflect your company branding, we have a host of different ones to choose from.

We only stock brands which offer durability and superior quality and which provide you and your business with excellent value for money. Our range includes:

  • Ergonomic Desk Chairs (adjustable features, lumbar back support)
  • Executive and Swivel Desk Chairs (360° swivel function)
  • Meshback Desk Chairs (High-quality mesh back)
  • Desk Chairs without wheels
  • Desk Chairs with Wheels

Depending on the model of chair you use, you will also receive a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Keep Your Employees Healthy with Ergonomic Desk Chairs

According to Unison, over 12 million workdays are lost to back pain every year. Having poorly designed, unsupportive desk chairs can play a huge part in this. That’s why many of our chairs come from the very best brands, who have invested substantially in creating fully adjustable, supportive and ergonomic chairs that can reduce and prevent back pain and muscle aches.

Which Type of Desk Chair is Best?

A supportive chair, which allows you to maintain a comfortable position is vital. Consider the size of your desk placement of monitors etc when choosing a chair.

Most chairs come with wheels for ease of movement, but if your floor is not even, or the wheels are likely to slip, then you can choose one without wheels.

If you are thinking of choosing a chair with armrests, ensure that these can be adjusted for the person sitting, otherwise, it could cause issues if the arms sit at an unnatural angle.

You should also be able to adjust the height of the chair in order to suit the desk set up and the height of the person sitting in it. Take the time to teach employees how to set up a chair properly so that they can work comfortably at their desks.

Why Buy From UX Office?

Businesses of all sizes trust us with their office chair needs. We have over 21+ years of experience in the industry, as well as first-class customer service. All of our chairs come with free delivery, impressive warranties and on-site assembly if required. We guarantee our prices are the lowest in the UK.

Open a business account with us to receive special offers on large orders of desk chairs and other office furniture. Learn more about wholesale office chairs and get a quote today.