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Choosing the perfect furniture for your office is more important than you may realise. The office environment has a significant influence on the productivity of your employees and your company culture. So, ensuring that the work environment you create for your employees is designed to maximize productivity and to help your employees feel comfortable and supported is important.

Your office furniture, especially chairs, plays a significant part in this. Here at UX Office, we understand the importance of finding the perfect office furniture, which is why we stock an extensive range of white desk chairs, all designed to offer both comfort and a stylish aesthetic.

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  1. Gemma Swivel Chair Front View
    Gemina Swivel Chair
    was £138.00 £115.00
  2. Save 13%
    Andi White Frame Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (White Frame)
    was £162.00 £135.00 £186.00
  3. Tylda Desk Chair Front View
    Tylda Desk Chair
    was £229.20 £191.00
  4. Alavara Ergonomic Chair White Frame Front View
    Alvara Ergonomic Chair (White)
    was £289.20 £241.00
  5. Sylva ergonomic office chair white frame front view
    Sylva Ergonomic Chair (White Frame)
    was £320.40 £267.00
  6. Klarin Ergonomic Office Chair White Frame Front View
    Klaran Office Chair (White Frame)
    was £321.60 £268.00

6 Items

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UK's Best & Most Affordable White Desk Chairs

Desks in an office with chairs & accessoriesDesks in an office with chairs & accessories

Best Priced White Desk Chairs in the Market

When running a busy office, you need desk chairs capable of withstanding heavy usage whilst also remaining comfortable for your employees who may be seated for lengthy periods throughout the working day. In addition, support for their posture is crucial. But, as well as being supportive, comfortable and durable, your desk chairs also need to be aesthetically appealing and in a style that suits your workspace. At UX Office, our white desk chairs tick all these boxes and are an excellent choice for your business.

Thanks to their colour, white desk chairs bring a calming yet fresh and modern feel to your office décor. Selecting our white desk chairs will ensure that your workplace looks instantly stylish and contemporary. If you are looking to refresh the style of your office and to make it feel like new, the addition of white desk chairs can be transformative in creating a sense of space and freshness in your office. Our selection of white desk chairs is extensive, and we offer every type of white desk chair imaginable with features and styles to suit all needs and all tastes! Not to be missed is our on-trend white mesh desk chairs!

As well as an extensive choice of styles, we also offer white desk chairs with an excellent selection of features. We have white desk chairs with and without wheels and white swivel desk chairs with a 360° swivel function. Our white ergonomic desk chair options are a popular choice and come with ergonomic features such as adjustable arms, adjustable height and lumbar back support. In addition, a range of upholstered chairs which offer optimum comfort and support and 100+kg weight capacity chairs are also available.

Why Buy From UX Office?

If you need new white desk chairs for your office, look no further than UX Office. We will be happy to find the best white desk chairs for your needs. We pride ourselves on our exceptional range of desk chairs and our commitment to quality and service. Here are just some reasons why our clients choose to buy their office furniture from us:

  • UK’s best price guarantee
  • Over 21+ years of industry experience
  • Industry-leading warranties for your peace of mind
  • Free delivery
  • Special offers available for large business orders
  • Assembly service available

Feeling comfortable in the office is essential for your employees to work at their best and to be as productive as possible. Browse our extensive range of white desk chairs now to find the perfect furniture for your business. If you are designing your office and have an order for white desk chairs or any other furniture, we offer special discounts on large orders. Visit our large orders page and send us your requirements. One of our furniture advisors will contact you back promptly.