White Desk Chair

White office chairs are a stylish and visually appealing addition to any conventional or home office space and help to create a fresh and modern aesthetic.

At UX Office, we have an impressive selection of white office chairs on offer to suit all tastes and specifications. Choose from our range of white meeting room chairs, white desk chairs, ergonomic chairs and executive chairs.

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  1. Gemma Swivel Chair Front View
    Gemina Swivel Chair
    was £138.00 £115.00
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    Andi White Frame Front View
    Andi Desk Chair (White Frame)
    was £162.00 £135.00 £186.00
  3. Tylda Desk Chair Front View
    Tylda Desk Chair
    was £229.20 £191.00
  4. Alavara Ergonomic Chair White Frame Front View
    Alvara Ergonomic Chair (White)
    was £289.20 £241.00
  5. Sylva ergonomic office chair white frame front view
    Sylva Ergonomic Chair (White Frame)
    was £320.40 £267.00
  6. Klarin Ergonomic Office Chair White Frame Front View
    Klaran Office Chair (White Frame)
    was £321.60 £268.00

6 Items

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UK's Best & Most Affordable White Office Chairs

Desks in an office with chairs & accessoriesDesks in an office with chairs & accessories

The office chair has evolved throughout the years, changing and improving to suit the changing needs of office employees. Office chairs now offer bespoke features in terms of adjustability, comfort and posture support and all with an aesthetic that is modern and fresh. At UX office we stock a wide range of office chairs in white and have options for you to order custom made white office chairs too.

Benefits of White Office Chairs

Whenever you are trying to be productive, particularly when working from home, it’s essential to have the right office layout, supported by the right items of office furniture, to help you to remain focused and productive. High quality white office chairs are some of the premier items of office furniture because of their excellent aesthetic qualities and the ergonomic features they possess. White items of furniture help to create a calm and fresh environment conducive to work and productivity. White office chairs offer a professional and organised aesthetic, which helps to reinforce that productive atmosphere in your office space without compromising aesthetics. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, our selection of white office chairs also offers guaranteed durability and high-quality design.

Types of White Office Chairs We Offer at UX Office Furniture

White Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are especially important for anyone experiencing postural issues or back aches and pains, as well as for anyone who wants to avoid developing such aches and pains to begin with.

If you are sitting for long periods of time each day, the ergonomic qualities of your office chair can make a major difference when it comes to your ability to focus and to feel good.

White Office Desk Chairs

Conventional white office desk chairs combine a variety of superior design features with fresh aesthetic qualities to ensure that you are able to settle in and do your best work consistently.

With quality upholstery and a variety of styles to choose from, one of these chairs is bound to be right for you.

White Swivel Office Chairs

White swivel office chairs are great for ease of mobility, especially in situations where you regularly need to turn to face others, or to shift your attention between different workstations.

With 360° swivel function & upholstered seats, these chairs are as dynamic as they are comfortable.

White Mesh Office Chairs

White mesh office chairs are a good option for individuals who are after a lightweight and minimalist office chair. Due to their lighter design, mesh office chairs are typically easier to move around in and take up less space, which can be especially useful in small office environments.

Why Buy from UX Office?

At UX Office, we offer the UK’s best price guarantee along with industry-leading warranties and free delivery, to ensure that you never have a reason to regret making a purchase with us.

With 21+ years of industry experience, we have the expertise to provide the highest level of quality service.

Finally, each order comes with assembly instructions, and we include exclusive offers for large business orders.