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  1. clifton urban oak desk for home office
    Clifton Urban Oak Desk
    was £109.20 £91.00
  2. Clifton Urban Oak Desk
    Clifton Urban Oak Rectangular Desk
    was £124.80 £104.00
  3. Clifton Corner desk with pole in Urban Oak
    Harper Urban Oak Corner Desk Pole Leg
    was £358.80 £299.00
  4. Clifton Graphite Grey Corner Desk
    Clifton Urban Oak Corner Office Desk
    was £358.80 £299.00
  5. Harper Urban Oak Corner Office Desk With Drawers
    Harper Urban Oak Corner Desk With Drawers
    was £394.80 £329.00

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UK's Best & Most Affordable Oak Desks

Oak desksOak desks

Furnish Your Office with Urban Oak Desks

Oak is one of the best and most professional tones currently on the market for the modern workspace. As one of the most versatile colours and materials available to manufacturers, these desks come in both a classic and contemporary style. And whether you want to provide a sleek elegance to your workplace, or you’d like a more cosy and traditional look, an oak desk is a great option. They’re stylish, earthy, and very beautiful; check out our extensive range of oak desks to choose one which will be the centrepiece of your bespoke home office.

Our High-Quality Oak Office Desks

Our oak desks are created with style and colour in mind; we know that your workspace needs to look good, for both professional and motivational reasons. With this in mind, the oak desks we sell are high quality, stylish and boast the following features:

Our Desks are Incredibly Durable

High-Quality MFC Chipboard: From traditional desks to standing desks to corner oak desks, all of the oak office desks we sell are built with high-quality MFC chipboard,

Laminated Desktop for Scratch Resistance: The work that goes on during the average office workday can be extensive, and when your desk shows signs of that, the overall impression created is one of shabbiness. And so, our desks are made to be durable enough to prevent any marks from being left behind by items such as laptops, keyboards, or computer mice and to withstand the rigours of an office day.

Heat and Stain Resistance: We know it’s a reality that employees sometimes have to both eat and drink at their desks during days when a working lunch is needed, so our oak desks are made of durable materials designed to withstand any spillages. Even if equipment overheats, the oak desk you’re using has been made to prevent scorch marks.

They’re Also Designed with Your Needs in Mind:

100+ KG Weight Capacity: No matter how many employees are assigned to a desk or cubicle, and no matter what combination of equipment you need to use, our oak desks will be able to stand the weight and pressure.

Free Flat-packed Delivery: Wherever your office is located, and no matter how small it may be, we can flat pack any number of our corner oak office desks to ensure ease of use during transportation and assembly.

Why Shop With UX Office?

UX Office is a furniture retailer with over 21 years of expert industry experience. When buying oak office desks from us, you’ll benefit from our UK's Best Price Guarantee, as well as our industry-leading warranties, that’ll enable you to ensure you get a guaranteed product at the best price.

We also offer free delivery, and once your desk has arrived, we can provide assembling services for your convenience. We find this to be especially useful when you’re putting in a large business order. And what’s more, we can also provide a range of special offers for large business orders. So, take a look at our range of oak office desks and see if our products are right for you!