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In the modern workplace, it can be hard to grab even 5 minutes of privacy away from the constant demands of the workplace and yet sometimes the work we do requires privacy. We live in a connected world that never stops turning, and that can be challenging to manage.

But that’s where office pods come in - these incredibly intuitive pieces of commercial furniture can transform your office into a space where an employee can enjoy a quieter, more private space, allowing them the privacy to focus on that all-important task, phone call or conversation.

The benefits of using pods at work are many and below we discuss some of the more important ones to enable you to understand just how Office Pods can benefit you and your workplace.

Why Office Pods are Great for Working Environments

Office pods allow for a small, private environment to be created within a bustling office. They can be used as a regular office space that is always in use or may be used selectively for a variety of reasons. For example, if you need to take a private call away from the public nature of the office space, the pod can be used to give you that privacy, thanks to the advanced acoustic panels.

Office pods are ideal for holding work meetings, both face–to–face and remotely when a separate office is not available or space is tight. Holding a video conference with important partners or clients, when surrounded by noise and chatter, can be distracting, frustrating and can come across as unprofessional. An office pod guarantees a separate, professional space to conduct all business requiring more privacy than the open office space allows.

Our High-Quality Office Pods Range

We sell a variety of office pods for different purposes, including:

  • Work Pods
  • Meeting Pods
  • Office Phone Booths

The designs of our pods ensure they’re entirely ergonomic, with support for backs and legs during use. They’re also well ventilated to keep the space light and breathable, and the LED bulbs fitted in all booths are energy efficient to help keep bill costs down. You can even charge your phone or plug in your laptop during use.

All of our office pods are made with high quality, durable materials to ensure they’re acoustically sound and totally comfortable to use. The office pods can also be customised in terms of colour and finish, to complement and enhance your working environment.

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So, if you’re a company thinking about purchasing office pods for your workplace, we’d love to work with you. Check out our full range of office pods via the links on our website.

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